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Changing your mode of sleeping can change a lot of things. You may not realize this but you are exposed to continuous risk of arthritis and back pain. The main reasons of this fear are, the pillow and the mattress, you are sleeping on every night.

The normal pillow or mattress does not allow your body to be spread properly while you sleep. This means the curves of your body does not receive proper support and this does not allow your spine to be straight. The immediate result is pain in neck and back and the long term outcome is arthritis.

You can combat this with a little care. You have options to change the way you sleep. You may easily replace your normal pillow with memory foam cushion. This soft material not only allows you to sleep in peace at night, this reduces the fear of back pain also. This gives you ultimate comfort and required support. The best part with this foam is, you can sleep in any position without the fear of twisting your neck. This wears off the tension from your neck muscles. This one also cures the frozen shoulders problem, snoring problem and many other back related troubles.

Not only for your head and neck, you can ensure this type of comfort for your entire body. Memory foam mattress topper is the solution for your muscles pain related problems. This one moves as you apply pressure and comes back to the normal shape when you move away. This one is sensitive to body temperature and becomes softer while your body warms up. This foam adjusts itself with the shape of your body and your spine stays straight due to this. Moreover, this foam allows your body to spread the weight evenly and therefore the risk of putting pressure over a particular part like you shoulder or hips reduces automatically.

In addition to all these, the foam is hygienic and lessens the trouble of bed bug.

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