Choosing The Best Fluoride Water Filter

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Fluoride water filter is one of water filter type which you must considering to choose the water filter. Fluoride is one of the common of harmful contaminants, in the market just fews water filter product can remove this contaminants.

Fluoride also applied as component of tooth paste to strengthen tooth. But besides having benefit for health of tooth, fluoride also can become a real dangerous material if it is more consumed from standart fluoride for our body. Although only a few of traces can cause worrying of health problem on a long term. The fluoride also brings other contaminant of mercury, arsenic, and lead.

The water used for drinking which containing fluoride more than standart fluoride for drinking water can cause dental fluorosis, cancer, and gen mutation. Fluoride also carcinogenic and mutagen for human body. If your water contain fluoride, find he water filter can removed the contaminants from your water.

Wisely choice if you using fluoride water filter for protect you and your family from dangerous disadvantages of fluoride. You must carefully choose the fluoride water filter, because the contaminants not only fluoride but many other contaminants also contain in your water. You must checks how many contaminants type on your water, you can go to bio-chemical laboratory to finds the contaminants type on your water.

Do the research to compare fluoride water filter product. Used the list of question to help you checks water filter capability to compare one water filter with the others. The main topic which you can considering in your list to compare water filter are:

  • What the filter methode which used to filtering water from contaminants?
  • What the types of contaminants can removed from the water?
  • What should you do to maintenance the water filter?
  • How much gallons of water can filtered by the fluoride water filter in one hour?
  • What the company give free service or guaranted for maintenance and providing the parts of the water filters if the water filter have a?
  • What the product easy to attact with the water device in your homes?
  • How much cost to maintenance the fluoride water filters one year?
  • How many certificate which they have and what the type of sertificate? What the product have NFS or EPA sertificate?

Make sure, fluoride water filters which you choose can eliminate all of contaminants from you water.

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